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Chris Schuler
Chris Schuler, President
Chris has come along way from selling Rainbow vacuums, building ski lifts and running all the day to day  operations of a ski area. Dreaming big, Chris had the forethought to open a first of its kind snowboard shop in the Northwest. With great success, Chris sold his business to acquire his degree from Seattle University in Business and Marketing. Now, a 16-year advertising veteran including director of local sales at  Kelly B. Tribune Broadcasting (FOX)  and Viacom, Inc (CBS). Always on the cutting edge, in 2005 a new and innovative advertising medium was born.  As the customer service-driven President of GoMobile® Advertising, Chris partnered with Bill Ostergard, President of Motionadz using state of the art advertising vehicles as a tool to develop a National Network of affiliates across the United States. Innovation and passion consume Chris in his career, while he maintains his devotion for his wife, 3 kids and his community.
Mike Seifert
Mike Seifert, VP of Sales/GoMobile® Advertising Network President
Mike is a 25-year advertising veteran in sales  management in the Seattle area for Kelly B Tribune Broadcasting (FOX), the and Viacom, Inc (CBS).  In each one of these companies Mike has supervised and trained 20-30 marketing associates in the 13th largest market in the United States.  Passionate about what inspires people and  driven by the heart, Mike  focuses on creating value for those he lives and works with through dedication, enthusiasm and creativity.  Now,  as the VP of Sales for GoMobile® advertising Mike attributes relationships as being  one of the main keys to success.  Active in the community, Mike serves on various executive boards such as the Highline Community College Foundation and Ronald McDonald House.  Mike is also a devoted husband to his wife Barbie and father to Max, Alex and Jaclelyn.
Christian Gerling
Christian Gerling, VP of Operations
Christian began his marketing career at the Tacoma Dome as a media coordinator. Six years later, Christian found himself in Detroit at Olympia Entertainment promoting events for major sporting and the atrical events. After returning to Seattle, Gerling created an in-house advertising agency to provide local, regional and national event clients with promotion, publicity, media placement and sponsorship. Christian is responsible for the day-to-day operations of GoMobile® advertising. The go-to guy, Christian is motivated and inspired by the Go-team working together to accomplish a mission. In addition to being a partner in GoMobile®, Christian is the owner of West Coast Entertainment Marketing, Inc. specializing in event marketing. Christian is devoted to his wife Nichole, two rescue dogs and spending time in the outdoors.
JennieAnne Eckhaus
Jennieanne Eckhaus, Customer Relations Manager
Jennieanne comes from a very diverse background, having spent 10 years early in her career involved with marketing in the food and beverage industry, and working in faith-based organizations where she  was responsible for various promotions and charitable events.  Most recently Jennieanne  comes to GoMobile® with an 8-year traffic and national sales background in the television industry with Viacom (CBS) and KSTW. Jennieanne decided to fly the coop and join the rag-tag bunch of ad junkies at GoMobile® Advertising because of the freedom and her desire to “get out of the box” and work in an environment that is constantly evolving. Jennieanne has a passion for people, and is driven by the relationships that she develops.  Jennieanne has a degree in Theology, and has done extensive work in the community with World Vision and various other community groups.
Ryan Moss
Ryan Moss, Marketing and Promotions Manager
Ryan was one of those kids who would channel surf for commercials whenever regular programming would come on.  With a life-long interest in advertising, Ryan still clips his favorite magazine ads and keeps them in a file, a hobby that has long out lived his high school years.  With a unique background in visual communications, marketing strategy, event planning, theatre, music, set design, photography and film, Ryan’s “jack-of-all-trades” personality allows him to take a holistic approach in creatively responding to any situation.  Before joining GoMobile® in June of 2006, Ryan worked 5 years for Fisher Communications (the Seattle ABC affiliate) in their promotions department.  Ryan has also been employed as the Marketing Coordinator for several regional shows in theatres in and around the Seattle area.  Ryan has his marketing Degree from Seattle Pacific University where he served on the Student Union Board as publicity coordinator and won an award for best Creative in his advertising class.
Terry Read
Terry Read, Service Manager
Terry was Acting Food and Beverage Director for 25 years in the hotel and restaurant industry in New York and Las Vegas specializing in event planning before moving to Seattle.   Being somewhat of an entrepreneur Terry purchased and operated several Taco Time restaurants in Seattle and surrounding areas.   Passionate for his 3 daughters, Terry sold his restaurants and went into retirement to raise his them until they were grown.  Terry came out of retirement to run the day-to-day driver operations for GoMobile®.  Service is word that describes Terry.  He has spent 20 years serving on the Washington State Chaplains Association, the Department of Justice Task force, and heads up a faith-based humanitarian organization for community safety to incarcerated men and women in Washington state.
Jenny Harris
Jenny Harris, Sales Associate
Passionate and adventurous, Jenny has never been one to be satisfied with a pigeon hole, which would explain why she has dipped in to several fields in so few years. Working for a start-up marketing agency in Tacoma, Jenny found herself doing anything from answering phones and ad placement to writing speeches for the Mayor to planning medical conferences in Seattle.  From there she took on the hospitality world in Gig Harbor where she managed a small Inn and sold and marketed Tall Ship charters.  The irony of her career is that her first job in marketing was with Christian as a West Coast Entertainment Marketing intern delivering Krispy Kremes and rubbing shoulders with celebrities.  With a desire to head back to her roots, she is now with the vehicle sales arm of GoMobile®.  When she’s not selling to unsuspecting entrepreneurs, Jenny enjoys traveling, hiking and dreaming big.  She is also involved in her church and local community.
Our Drivers
When you’ve got your brand at stake on the road, you have to know that you’re in good hands. That’s why all of our drivers attend strict driver training, come with years of experience on a variety of commercial vehicles and have a passion for what they do. They understand the advertising business, they know how to respond to customers, and they follow a set code of ethics while on the road. They also know all of the hot spots: we have trained our drivers to be both proactive and reactive, keeping a keen eye out for areas with the highest foot traffic. Our flexibility allows your campaign to evolve as we receive feedback.

In addition, our real-time GPS tracking allows our clients 24-hour access to where our drivers have been, how fast they were driving, and how long they have stopped at any location.

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Welcome to the website for GoMobile® Advertising, home of the award-winning mobile billboard advertising and experiential marketing experts.  GoMobile® Advertising (sometimes misprinted as Go Mobile Advertising) creates brand connections with consumers through the use of BioDiesel powered mobile billboard trucks, scrolling mobile billboards, 3D truck showrooms and mobile advertising mediums such as Segways, street teams, brand ambassadors, fleet advertising, fuel tank fleet ads, truck side advertising and all other outdoor advertising. We are a non-traditional advertising agency, unlike traditional advertising outlets like newspaper advertising, radio advertising, television or tv advertising, bus advertising, bus shelter advertising, transit advertising, outdoor billboards, and static billboards.  

We work with both brands and agencies to create eye-catching and buzz-worthy campaigns, and our previous campaigns include Hitachi truck showrooms, IKEA truck campaigns, KFC Rolling Bowl truck showrooms, A&W trucks, Safeco Insurance trucks, Miller Chill mobile lounges, AT&T Money Machine trucks, and many more. We invite you to visit us on our social networking sites including our blog: GoMobile® Market Pulse, Facebook page, and Twitter.  We also invite you to subscribe to our monthly newsletter, which offers mobile marketing and scrolling mobile billboard advertising industry news, as well as recent GoMobile® Advertising campaigns.